THIS YOUNG ADULT GROUP  will Focus on the individual member's relationship with Christ and growing into a disciple that can stand in their own identity with Christ. Through the process of strengthening individual walks, we will turn outwardly to spread the gospel, love, and serve the world as modeled by the Acts church.

(Recommended for ages 18-35)


Rooted meets on Thursday evenings at 7:30 p.m.


  • EXPECT to deepen your personal commitment to Christ

  • BE part of the "Rooted" body

  • COMMIT to God's calling on you and the group
  • BECOME more Christlike in faith and action

  • MEMBERS will be encouraged and expected to Study and chew on a scripture passage in preparation for each week's gathering, participate and share in discussions, attend and help facilitate monthly events, utilize and grow your individual gifts to edify and strengthen the body, and develop skills needed to share the gospel and become disciple makers.

We will LIVE life together, STUDY and teach his word together, PURSUE growth together, SERVE together, be ACCOUNTABLE together, be EXCITED and INSPIRED together. We will be Friends, We will be Family.

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